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My name is Melanie, and I got my start in content marketing writing in 2018. Since then, I’ve worked with different marketing agencies, such as 8point8 Creative Writing, No BS Marketplace, eJam, NicheStack, and more, refining my content writing skills. I went freelancing full-time in 2019 to focus on one niche: senior care. Some of the senior care brands that have trusted me with their content include Atria Senior Living, Senex Memory, SeniorsMatter, and Medication Call Reminder.

I love writing about senior care as it helps me learn the world of caregiving. As a family caregiver without any prior experience, I know the importance of useful content and resources that teach informal caregivers how to best care for their senior loved ones.

I also want to be part of an industry that celebrates aging, supports older people’s health needs, and raises awareness for issues faced by the elderly.

My past clients enjoy collaborating with me because I’m easy to work with. (You can read what they say about me here.) I’m very accessible, and I maintain communication to ensure I meet my client’s content needs. If you want to work with a writer specializing in senior care and senior living, let’s talk and see how I can help.


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