8 Most Important Technology Tools Every Senior Must Have

Melanie Bacelisco | March 21, 2022

Melanie Bacelisco | March 21, 2022


8 Most Important Technology Tools Every Senior Must Have

Seniors were seen as a non-tech-savvy age group who continue to lag in technology adoption. But not anymore. With how the world operates now, more and more older adults are willingly learning how to use all technological devices for their benefit. Whether it’s the internet, communication apps, or GPS  technology, seniors are embracing technology in their daily life. 

8 Most Important Technology Tools for Seniors

Here are ten of the most important technology tools every senior must have and know how to operate.

1. The Internet

There’s no better way to start the discussion about the older adults’ utilization of technology than with the greatest technological invention of all time: the internet. With it, there are limitless possibilities for aging individuals to stay connected to the world, do online shopping, handle their finances, and more.

2. Mobile Phones

As society moves away from the traditional landline phones, there’s a growing need for everyone, including seniors, to have mobile phones. Whether it’s a simple handset or a smartphone, these gadgets help seniors connect with their family and friends, engage in online communities and support groups, and get entertained. 

There are also tons of downloadable apps for seniors that can support their health, such as medication or blood pressure monitoring apps. Additionally, seniors can download games to have fun or improve their cognitive ability.

3. Tablets

Besides mobile phones, older adults also prefer to use tablets because they’re more mobile than desktops or laptops. They can take a tablet anywhere, in or out of the house. Despite having the same functionality as smartphones, many seniors own a tablet on top of a smartphone. 

Smartphones are smaller than tablets, can fit into a pocket, and are easier to carry. Meanwhile, tablets have a better display and larger screens, making it more comfortable for seniors with vision problems to surf the internet, play games, read eBooks, or video conference with their loved ones and friends. 

4. Video Conferencing Apps

Skype, Facetime, Facebook messenger, and WhatApp are some of the most popular video conferencing apps. They allow seniors living alone or independently to connect with their family and friends miles away from them.

While face-to-face interactions are much better for older adults, these communication apps are sufficient to help them connect, see, and talk with their children and grandchildren regularly.

5. Smartwatches

More than being fashionable, wearing a smartwatch can help seniors in many ways. Most smartwatches have useful built-in features, like an alarm button for medication reminders, a fitness tracker, activity sensors, and even a fall detector.

Some smartwatches even come with GPS technology that they can connect to their mobile phones. There are also some waterproof models to use while swimming or other water activities.

6. GPS Technology

GPS technology makes it easier for seniors (and everyone) to find their way around unfamiliar places. If your senior loved one has just moved, GPS-enabled devices can help them navigate their new neighborhood and learn popular travel spots around the area. GPS technology solves problems finding a certain location, and seniors can have it on their mobile phones or as a standalone device.

7. Mobility Technologies

As seniors age, their mobility decreases. Thanks to modern technology, they can use safe mobility equipment to aid their movements.

Here are some examples:

  • Electric wheelchairs – These wheelchairs help seniors with limited mobility move around the house or any place by themselves. It gives a feeling of independence if they can move without relying on a family member to push a wheelchair.

  • Scooters – This technology tool benefits seniors who have difficulty walking long distances. They typically come with a basket to use when buying something from a nearby grocery store.

  • StairliftsThey are helpful for seniors who live in a multistoried house. With stairlifts, seniors can safely go up and down the stairs without the risk of falling.

8. Transportation Apps

Seniors who don’t drive anymore will find transportation apps, like Uber or Lyft, convenient in safely getting them to their destination. They can book a ride to get to a doctor’s office, mall, or other recreational areas using their smartphone. 


Life is better with technology. With more and more seniors wanting to live independently, it’s hard to imagine a world without it to support the older members of the family. Technology can also help seniors live in comfort and convenience. Instead of going out to pay bills, they can settle them online using the internet. They can do a lot of things with technology. Fortunately, most devices in the market today are user-friendly, so seniors won’t have a hard time learning how to use them.